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Since 1994 Pelechef Premium Imports and distributes high quality raw materials, cake decorations and equipment for bakeries, pastries, Hotels, caterers, ice-cream manufacturers and chocolatiers.


We market fruit paste, mirror coatings, cake decorations, chocolates, pastes and fillings, Polycarbonate and silicon forms, utensils and packaging materials.


Our main objective is being the leading supplier by providing the best service to our customers while bringing the top qualities from around the world.


PeleChef imports and distributes products and raw material from the following companies: DEMARLE, CAPFRUIT, BAKBEL, DOBLA, MASTER-MARTINI, CHOCOLATE WORLD, MAE, GOBEL, LapeD and VOG.


We have a 1,000 m² warehouse in Nir-Zvi (just 20 minutes from Tel-Aviv) with a 150 m² show-room and a 50 m² fully equipped demonstration rooom, with an in-house Pastry Chef


Please Contact us at:

t: +972-8-9155717

f: +972-8-9155714


e-mail: import@pelechef.co.il

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